Laravel: The Story Behind The Name

Posted by Jason Lewis in Laravel on

I was sitting in IRC today having a dandy of a time when the question popped up...

Does anyone knows where the name "Laravel" came from?

Not a hard question. But a lot of people don't know how this sexy name was conceived. What does Laravel mean? Is it made up? What was Taylor thinking? I'm pretty sure it was along the lines of: "Man, that sounds sexy!"

It's not a new question either. It's been asked before, numerous times. In fact, Taylor answered the question a long time ago. Here's what he said.

Taylor Otwell
When trying to think of names, I thought about the geography of Tolkien's Middle Earth and C.S. Lewis' Narnia. In Narnia, Cair Paravel is the name of the castle where the kings and queens of Narnia live. Laravel rhymes with Paravel. I thought the name had a classy and sophisticated ring to it.

But what if Dayle Rees has the right story behind the name. Just because Taylor said he was watching Narnia when he had a eureka! moment doesn't mean it's true!

Dayle Rees
Well you see, the name came to me, when during a Skiing holiday with Lara Croft, an unfortunate tumble led to me becoming Enveloped within her ample bosom. I had become Laraveloped.. which clearly led to the name Laravel.

I guess I'll let you decide which seems more likely. I mean, we all know how many skiing trips Dayle has been on with Lara Croft. TEN!

Now, go code something dammit! Enjoy!