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India is one of the 17 Mega biodiverse countries in the world and accounts for 7-8 % of the recorded species. The State of Assam is a constituent unit of the Eastern Himalayan Biodiversity Region; one of the two biodiversity "Hot Spots" in the country..

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Government Of Assam Environment & Forest. ... Assam State Biodiversity Board ; Pollution Control Board, Assam ; The Website design follows an integrated approach with the entire department and its sub-organisations form an Integrated Portal. This option provides the details of the sub organisations and links to their respective websites..

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Government Of Assam Environment & Forest Principal Chief Conservator of Forest & Head of Forest Force. Main ... Assam State Biodiversity Board ; Indian Rhino Vision 2020 ; Felling & Removal of Trees from Non-Forest Lands ... Govt. of Assam. Designed & Developed by.

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Jun 22, 2021 . Assam / Asom State Information; Capital: Dispur: Date of formation: 1912 (Assam Province - British India), 15 August 1947: Governor: Jagdish Mukhi: Chief Minister.

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Biodiversity National Parks Wildlife Sancturies Destinations ... Schemes of the Government of Assam. Ex-Gratia Assistance Scheme Under SDRF. Revenue & Disaster Management ; 30-Jun-2021; Kushal Konwar Briddha Pension Scheme. ... Election Commission of ....

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Users can download the application form for issue of Caste certificate (SC) in Assam. ... This is the Government Services Portal of India, developed with an objective to enable a single window access to services being provided by the various Indian Government entities..

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Biodiversity Hotspots are regions that are rich in biodiversity but threatened by human activities. There are 2 main qualifying criteria for a region to be known as a biodiversity hotspot, one of them is the presence of at least 1500 vascular plants. Know more about hotspots in India and IUCN Red List. Download PDF. For UPSC 2022 Preparation follow BYJU'S..

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Two of the world's 25 biodiversity hotspots are found in India. It is the origin of important crop species such as pigeon pea, eggplant, cucumber, cotton and sesame. India is also a centre of various domesticated species such as millets, cereals, legumes, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic crops, etc. India is equally diverse in its faunal ....

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Biodiversity or biological diversity is the variety and variability of life on Earth.Biodiversity is a measure of variation at the genetic (genetic variability), species (species diversity), and ecosystem (ecosystem diversity) level.. Biodiversity is not distributed evenly on Earth, it is usually greater in the tropics as a result of the warm climate and high primary productivity in the region ....

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The Chief Minister of Assam, an Indian state, is the head of the Government of Assam.As per the Constitution of India, the governor is the state's de jure head, but de facto executive authority rests with the chief minister. Following elections to the Assam Legislative Assembly, the governor usually invites the party (or coalition) with a majority of seats to form the government..

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May 22, 2017 . Biodiversity of India and need for protection. India is one among the 17 mega-diverse countries of the world. But many plants and animals are facing the threat of extinction. To protect the critically endangered and other threatened animal and plant species, Government of India has adopted many steps, laws and policy initiatives..

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Jul 20, 2022 . India and the Republic of Namibia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on animal conservation and sustainable biodiversity usage on Wednesday in order to restore the cheetah to its original ....

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Steps Taken By Indian Government to Protect Biodiversity. ... (Assam) and borders of Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary (Madhya Pradesh) have e-surveillance. ... Also, Government of India has taken ample other legal, administrative, and financial steps for effective wildlife conservation in India. It is encouraging to note that some projects and ....

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